FirstCorner / One part of Olsbergs MSE Group

FirstCorner is the newly started America sales and service company for the new developed FC1 EV platform.

FirstCorner is today owned by Olsbergs MSE that is a Swedish based motorsport development company that have a rich history in Rallycross and motorsport in general and have over the years build over 120 cars for motorsport in different levels.

Olsbergs MSE was started by former professional driver Andreas Eriksson 2008 in conjuction with Olsbergs that is major hydralic and Electronic company for loader cranes, before that the company name was MSE / Motor Sport Evolution from 2004.

Firstcorner´s main focus is to deliver 100% fossil free motorsport and education of this together with EV motorsport globally.

Our high end product FC1 comes in many different models and specification , all of them electrical.

FC1 -X is the specification in Nitro Rallycross series in America , and this is the fastest car ever made for this kind of motorsport.

Here you can find pictures, video, logo etc